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This is great news for Mumford fans, especially those who tried to catch the neo-folk rock band in 2013.

The guys had to cancel their headlining set due to illness at Bonnaroo that summer.

Either way, when I read about it, it did not do the song justice. I’d be pissed if someone in front of me was blocking my view with their unnecessary flag.

And the look on Alburn’s face, pride and relief personified, make me lean towards the yeasayers rather than the naysayers that are judging the overall performance. Enthusiasm goes a long way when you have one song to make your mark. Just spend hours wandering the yards looking for your friends like the rest of the world…

So with the jury split, a few thoughts as we study the tail of the tape: — I wonder if Lou Reed dresses himself?

And, I mean this in both the does he pick out his own tight-ass leather jackets way and does he physically get himself into those clothes way.

Additional acts will be announced at a later date, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on the Bonnaroo 2015 lineup in full below.

It’s been a while since the guys of *NSYNC reunited.

His versatility is astounding, but also the courage to put these giant productions together, knowing he is not the biggest name and that his songs aren’t all anthems.

For some reason, I have a feeling he can only play guitar, otherwise his arms hang like limp pieces of string.

— Speaking of clothes, why does Damon Albarn only own one shirt?

Check out “Grizzly Bear,” from their new eponymous album, produced by Rick Rubin.

If there's anything Bonnaroo can be counted on, it's stepping up its game with every passing lineup. Billy Joel and Deadmau5 are set to headline the four-day affair in the fields of Manchester, TN, as are Mumford & Sons, who will officially be returning from their hiatus to occupy one of the festival's top slots on the lineup.

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