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When we moved houses once I realized she was really crazy—everything was white.

While the pejorative of an exclamation and in particular of such an exclamation is theoretically possible for the first word (harace) and maybe phonetically plausible for harache, a semantic, syntactic and phonetic similarity of the verb harasser as used in the first popular attestation (the chant mentioned above) with the word haras should be kept in mind: Already in 1160 haras indicated a group of horses constrained together for the purpose of reproduction and in 1280 it also indicated the enclosure facility itself, where those horses are constrained.

The latter was an exclamation indicating distress and emergency (recorded since 1180) but is also reported later in 1529 in the expression crier haro sur (to arise indignation over somebody)'s use is already reported in 1204 as an order to finish public activities as fairs or markets and later (1377) still as command but referred to dogs.

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I look them right in the eye and tell them they’re totally crazy for doing it.

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