Xbmc not updating library for tv shows

many thanks lewis Hello, i have a problem with the icefilms addon for xbmc! I am using Ice Films on ATV2 and for some reason i get the movies but when i select a TV Show there's no sources to select from.... We have been using this service for quite sometime and today, if I'm not mistaken this started to happen.Movies and other content works fine but when you go into tv shows it show no episodes for every show! Not sure if you guys are doing any maintenance or something but just wanted to report this since I didn't see any reports for today. Hi folks, I've gone ahead and merged all your separate posts. Abe, in another post, suggested maybe Anarchantosh needs to update his script. I suggest you look for help and a fix at the xbmc icefilms plugin forum.While this is actually cross-platform and not necessarily Linux-specific, there's no doubt many of you out there making use of the awesomeness of XBMC (soon to be known instead as 'Kodi') Media Player would be doing so on the Penguin-powered platform.In this article we look at one of the various, but easiest, ways you can sync your XBMC/Kodi TV and Movie collections and watched status, using This happened each time an episode finished downloading. XBMC will not update recently downloaded shows through sickbeard unless I go into my 'TV Shows' section and select 'Update Manually'.I tried going into the TV Shows menu and selecting " Update Library" to get the new show to show up, but It didn't work either. Just a few days ago I did a total wipe and fresh install of 1.95.5 and I still have this issue. XBMC will not update recently downloaded shows through sickbeard unless I go into my 'TV Shows' section and select 'Update Manually'.That in itself is handy enough, but because XBMC can also sync it's "watched" status with .. All in all, keeping track of what you have already watched should be a breeze.While this works pretty great in my experience, it's not perfect.

That added the show directory and any episode that was in it. This used to work just fine whenever i rebooted, turned on, or resumed from sleep. ie I am not fully connected to my NAS server at the time XBMC tries to update... Is there a script setting I can edit to make XBMC wait to try an update until it is definitely connected to the NAS?

As I said, there are multiple solutions for syncing your XBMC/Kodi (I'll just refer to it as 'XBMC' in the article for simplicity sake, but know that future versions will be known as Kodi) library; not to mention there's different kinds of syncing.

What you aim to achieve and actually sync depends on your situation and what you desire.

Openelec on a zotac zbox nd22 1.95.5 Added a new show last night in sickbeard and forced an XBMC update.

XBMC did not see the new show or download artwork for it.

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