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Described as “the gold standard of medical marijuana” by a federal judge, WAMM was founded by Mike and Valerie Corral, a couple in Santa Cruz, California who first started secretly growing marijuana together in the 1970’s, after Valerie found the then illegal herb effective in helping to control her epileptic seizures.Following a pair of arrests, the Corrals resolved to help others facing similar persecution, and soon local patients started seeking them out.Founded in 1993, the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating phytotherapies collective, one that still serves as a model of truly compassionate care 24 years later.By focusing on the needs of patients and caregivers, WAMM provides hope and builds community while offering a safe, organic supply of phytotherapies to patients with a doctor’s recommendation for the treatment of terminal and chronic illness.To create the geographic diversity for each school, we factored in where every student resided before they attended college.

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Sitting at #167, University of California - Santa Cruz is ranked quite high in ethnic diversity nationally.Over the years, clients have emerged from the isolation and fear of a life-threatening condition to become part of the WAMM community.And when they face what we must all someday face, the inevitability of death, our end-of-life care teams will be there to see them through it.Diversity can be encouraged by the university in several ways.First, institutions should be making an effort to hire a varied faculty to engage students.

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