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They just think because it was an uprising against authority that it makes it their own symbol, and after all, both ultra-leftists and ultra-rightists and people in between don’t like the “police state” however they may define it. Could it be this particular bogan is an extra terrestrial attempting to inflitrate the bogan hordes?

I’m amazed you’ve gone so long without doing one on this. By doing this he can disguise the fact that this Martain actually did “fly here”?

Southern Cross Tattoos have been proliferating in Australia ever since, TBL’s tattooist sources claim to be churning out about fifteen Aussies Swazies a week, a startling pace which shows no sign of slowing.

In this case it is the bogans inability to distinguish between patriotism and nationalism.) as a symbol for its nationalistic (or was that patriotic? Tattoos in general appeal to the bogan as they allow them to express their individualism and to rebel against conservative elements of society.The bogans need for the attention, with the ‘look at me’ factor of tattoos, is also sated.My tattooist has some good stories about the Aussie Pride related to these tattoos.One guy unknowingly got a Kiwi southern cross to represent his Aussie Pride.

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