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Fans knew Paige Davis was returning for the reboot, but TLC just announced more favorites have signed on for the show.

Ty Pennington is back – this time as a designer rather than a carpenter Go ahead, call it a comeback!

So yeah, I’m working with Tina Fey, who is also from Philadelphia, so we’re having a great time.”“I’m an architect and a construction manager so I am doing a great deal of work for the U. government actually on a lot of design and construction for a lot of different types of facilities like academic buildings, marine academy, a baseball field.

“Everybody tells you, a baby makes you more balanced in life and I think that portion of it is really true,” he says.

“It’s just not feasible to dedicate yourself 24-7 to work like maybe you used to do.” Having a “defined amount of time” to focus on work each day while Gavin is with his nanny helps, Yip says.

After 10 years off the air, Trading Spaces is heading back to TV and bringing some of its beloved stars along for the ride.

TLC announced on Wednesday, September 13, that designers Ty Pennington, Hildi Santo-Thomas, Genevieve Gorder "Trading Spaces" is getting the gang back together!

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