Who is sam milby dating now

She swears she won’t fall for a guy until she’s sure that he meets her standards.

Sam plays Neo, an art director who is teamed with Trina in an advertising project.

The reason might be his highly publicized break-up from Anne Curtis in 2009. Talking about his new girlfriend Milby said: It's been two years around and the couple still seems to be happy with each other, but they are still keeping it private! And Milby seems to be someone who understands all about it as he was at the same place ten years ago.

Sunday, Sam Milby threw people off the chair when he revealed that Anne Curtis is his ‘greatest love’ and that since their breakup in 2008, he hasn’t had a girlfriend. The actor, who is celebrating 10 years in show business also shared it was a tough breakup for him.

“Minsan feeling mo okay ka na, tapos makikita mo siya and argh.” Note: It was him who initiated the breakup.

“She’s my greatest love until now, puwedeng sabihin yan, but I don’t think she’s the one that got away,” he clarifies.

She arrives on the set on time, even though we know how draining it is for her to play two characters in the show.”If he has the time to do so, Sam is still interested in trying his luck in Hollywood next year.“That’s still in my plans.

He implied that she may not really be the girl for him, and that he’s still looking for The One.

Anne and Sam became a couple in the first quarter of 2007.

And still, we know very little about the relationship.

Milby is keeping it as far away from public eyes as possible! As per the information provided, it's known that this couple is taking it slow and Mari Jasmine is at the start of her career in modeling.

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