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Station: KNUS, 710 AM Show: Peter Boyles Show Guests: Brauchler Link: Date: February 3, 2015 Topics: Columbine, Basement Tapes, Mark Maness, Phil Duran, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Steve Jensen, Prosecution, Jefferson County, Frank De Angeles, Click Here for Audio HOST PETER BOYLES: Let me do this, real quick. And so as a result of that, we pored through the evidence in the case. And all along, I’ve got to tell you, he had as black a heart as I’ve ever heard someone display on video or audio.Please say good morning and welcome to 710KNUS with Alan and myself — I’m also a huge fan. In part, we were looking to see, is there anyone else that had any criminal liability, here? And then you have Eric Harris who was portrayed as this loner, or this brooder. And there has been speculation that Dylan, I think, shot Eric, or Eric shot Dylan and then shot himself. This is one of the weirdest relationships you could find, at this age.Beloved Son to Doreen and the late Ken, Brother to David, Brother in Law to Katrina He will be very sadly missed by his Family and Friends The Funeral Service will be held at Oakley Wood Crematorium on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, at 12 noon. Family flowers only, donations if desired, for The Simon Andrews Fund or St Richard's Hospice may be sent c/o Merstow Green Funeral Home, Evesham. on espionage- and terrorism-related charges that could jail him for up to 35 years.And he sort of says [affecting high, feminine voice], “Oh, Eric, show me around your room.” And Eric sort of shows around the room, and it looks like the regular boy’s room. Did they bring that big propane tank in on the prom night? And they go through the room and find a box — a plastic box, next to Eric’s bed. I mean, just think of the degree of preparation to do all that stuff and have this stuff so elaborately disguised, and how much time and opportunity there had to be to — in advance, to do all of this. They’ve got their bags packed, full of their death, and they’re ready to head out the door. You were a great mom.” And Klebold basically says, you know, “F— my parents! I really think they thought the cops were about to come in any minute. PENDERGAST: Well, it’s about — I mean, I think these kids were, you know, alienated in certain ways.And then they try to show in the video how they have hidden the various implements of death there that they’re going to employ at the school. Did they bring it in — when did they bring it in, you guys? And you open it up, and it has some —well, it holds magazines, or something. You pull up the plastic and there is all these LBE —load bearing equipment harnesses with different magazine pouches and stuff in there. And Eric looks into the camera and says, “Mom, this isn’t your fault. They didn’t realize the police wouldn’t reach the library for another three or four hours, when they killed themselves. But I don’t think you blame Columbine for what was going on in their heads.BOYLES Peter Of Evesham Passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his Family on April 16th, 2018, aged 54 years.A loving Husband to Julie, and devoted Father to Natalie, Russell and Simon.

BRAUCHLER: Yeah, so, Steve Jensen and I were the prosecutors assigned to prosecute Mark Maness and Phil Duran, who sold the Tech DC9 handgun to Klebold and Harris. Let me ask about this question: did they plan this for at least over a year? I mean, there is something in there about Harris saying he could make people think he had climbed Mount Everest, or had a twin brother on his back, or something. But, you know, here’s a guy— Klebold— that’s got a date to the prom, he’s got the tux hanging on his closet door.And you had each said, “Hey, I haven’t had the chance to see these things.” And I did, and it is one of the most vivid recollections I have about that particular case. These fools thought, “Well, the timing mechanism didn’t go off. BRAUCHLER: So you go through their room, and they pull open the closet and they have a box in there — Eric does. But if you open the box, there’s — I think it’s a sawed-off carbine, that’s in there. There’s a moment, when he’s in his room — he clearly owns the video camera. And all of a sudden, it just comes on — he turns it on. In the end, when they go back,— and this is one of the weird moments. They go back to the library, and their alleged enemies are the jocks yet they never go to the gym. I mean, not that it’s — but they — there’s still kids hiding in the school. You and I know at 17-, 18-year old boys and girls, they can’t plan next weekend. And these guys clung to a plan and developed it and followed through with it for at least a year. But also, you know, a lot of the people they initially were mad at, I mean, when they started this plan had already graduated.BOYLES: What would you like to tell the audience, or tell Alan and myself? We’ll try and trigger it by shooting it.” And that was unsuccessful as well. They have a bookshelf with a bunch of CDs behind it. And he sits there and he starts going through the names of the different girls — my guess is — that he’d either had affection for or asked out and [had] been rejected by, or something. And they had such a bond, that I think they had committed to each other their mutual deaths when this thing was over. And that’s remarkable, for one person to do it, let alone for two people to do it. I mean, in many ways their lives had improved from when they were juniors. I mean, the idea that they were sort of bullied outcasts, or something, is wrong.” “Andrew Brunson is an innocent person,” Tufan told World Watch Monitor today (21 March). That is why [the Turkish authorities] had to demand the worst punishment against him, to make him more valuable.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared openly last September that he was willing to exchange Brunson for Fethullah Gülen, the Turkish Muslim cleric living in exile in the US, who is accused by Ankara of masterminding the failed coup.“The indictment does not contain any real evidence. This January, Erdoğan went on to state that he would refuse to extradite any jailed “suspects” to the United States until Washington hands over Gülen.

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