Who is emeinem dating

but is their partnership extending outside the studio?"Nah, it's all about the music," Grey says of rumors about her and Em hooking up. In the above interview Skylar chats about her upcoming album and new single, which she explains is "about sex...Being rejected by most fellow rappers because of his race, Marshall grew an anger that flows through his music to this day.

Besides Eminem’s famous relationship and double marriage with Kim, other women have been in Eminem’s life.

After battling for an hour and throwing back every race diss thrown at him, Marshall made it to second place losing in a slip up.

Furious that he had lost, Marshall didn't even notice that he had been spotted.

I’m a huge admirer of Eminem and his music and have followed both his professional life and private life ever since I got to know him.

If you are observant, you would notice that the rap icon hardly dates, which has led many people to wonder who and who Eminem has dated.

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