Who is dmx dating 2016

“Cops quickly determined he was lifeless, not breathing with no pulse and immediately began CPR.”For his part, the man formerly know as Earl Simmons claims that he did not take any powder or drugs, and says all he remembers is that he was experiencing trouble breathing after a recent bout of bronchitis and then collapsed, while a family member reportedly told TMZ that he’d requested his inhaler for his asthma before falling unconscious.Asthma attack or drug overdose, it’s hard to know what to believe.We marvel at guys like Keith Richards without acknowledging how much damage their behavior problem did to both them and their loved ones.There’s nothing admirable about addiction—even if you live to tell the tale.We may never know the whole truth regarding what happened, but we know that X has a long, hard history.And one has to wonder who he has in his corner helping him push forward and making sure he’s staying focused on sobriety.

The growling rapper’s long history of addiction and arrests is as well-known as his music at this point—perhaps even more so—so it’s not hard to see why many would jump to those conclusions.As we often do with troubled celebrities, the world started laughing at DMX’s fall.That fall stopped being funny a long time ago, if it ever was.He became a celebrity pariah more renowned for his bad behavior than catchy hits: the drug addiction, the seemingly endless litany of arrests, and his crumbling marriage to now-ex-wife Tashera Simmons (she separated from X in 2010 after he was incarcerated three times that year).X has also fathered 12 children with several women, including two via extramarital affairs while he was with Tashera.

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