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Seems like he would have came straight by now after literally getting played by Drizzy Drake….Rihanna & Chris Brown is something new which was once old…Brown and Guzman even went to court, where a settlement was reached on August 14, 2016, when the court decided that Guzman could no longer have sole custody of Royalty.

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With her dedication, parenting skills, and passion, there is no doubt that she will raise her two daughters in the best possible way.With that we have to wonder what Rihanna current boo has to say about this new revelation…For a moment it seemed like Travis Scott had locked down the singer…Then out of no where pictures of Rihanna all bruised up hit the news… Now a proud father and just staying out of trouble literally… We hope Rihanna will just enjoy this new fling she has with Chris Brown… Just a friend who could play it off with the bloggers, media in general while Rihanna chills with Breezy on the low low…One has to ask why would a grown man every hit a woman… Both are still young and see no reason to rush into another relationship… Either way stans need to rejoice, as I for one hope they fight for L-O-V-E… Our queen Beyonce is happily married, and YM Nicki Minaj sadly is running behind street rapper Meek Mill…

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