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A-Beggin' I Will Go - Traditional English humorous song - Em setting - MIDI Abbots Bromley Horn Dance - English, Medieval heritage - MIDI Ach du lieber Augustin - German song, good for Oktoberfest - MIDI The Agincourt Carol, from Henry V's victory in 1415 and the cover of Kitchen Musician Book #13 - MIDI Air by Fingal, Ancient Scottish harp air by Rory Dahl bass harmony (treble harmony version) - MIDI (Sir) Alexander Don's Strathspey - Scottish - Ancestor of "Auld lang syne"?- MIDI Amazing Grace - English, Traditional Hymn, also now a bagpipe tune - MIDI Anacreontic Song, English - American, the tune that Marmaduke Durang used to set to Francis Scott Key's 1814 poem, one night when Durang, Key, Roger Taney and others were sitting in a Baltimore tavern - MIDI Arkansas Traveler - With a bit of the old 19th Century traveler patter routine - MIDI Auld lang syne - Scottish - Robert Burns - the familiar tune. - MIDI Auld lang syne - Scottish - Robert Burns - a less familiar tune - MIDI Aure Francoise - French, 3/4 major key arrangment - MIDI Avenging and Bright - Irish, Thomas Moore song, early 1800's - MIDI Back of the Schoolbus Suite I - Three tunes learned in the back of the schoolbus - folk music that survives with neither official support nor commercial assistance: Helen Had a Steamboat, Found a Peanut, Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall - MIDI Back of the Schoolbus Suite II - Three more tunes from the back of the schoolbus - She Waded in the Water, The Worms Go In, My Bonnie - MIDI Back of the Schoolbus Suite III - Two more tunes from the back of the schoolbus - Web Footed Friends (Stars and Stripes Forever), and To the Dump (William Tell Overture) - MIDI Ballykeel Jig, A fast driving Irish jig that goes from D mixolydian to D ionian mode - MIDI Banks of the Dee, A moderate tempo 6/8 with American Revolution parody lyrics - MIDI Banks of Inverness, Celtic - Irish, with Scottish associations - MIDI Banks of Spey - Scots - One of the great William Marshall strathspeys from the 1700s - MIDI Banshee - or Mac Mahon's - Fast Irish reel, with a minor key bridge - MIDI Barbarini's Tambourine - 40 Bar Country dance tune, with an ending that goes on forever - MIDI Battle of Aughrim, Irish, after the battle in the 1690's Jacobite wars.

) set as a duet - MIDI Greensleeves - Captain Mac Heath's song from the Beggar's Opera, with lyrics - MIDI Greenwoodside - Scottish reel, arranged with some "jazzy" chording, and a piano accompaniment MIDI Halting March, or Pikemen's March - Irish, 18th Century - MIDI Hamilton House, or Col.

Patch selections in your software are your choice after downloading.

Most MIDI files are simple arrangements as instructional aids to learning the tunes.

Mac Donald in the 1700's, recorded by Alisdair Fraser - MIDI Galopede, a 40 bar dance tune, played AABBC which can be made into 32 bars as AABC - two parts - MIDI Garth's Fireside Reel, R.

Petrie, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Gaspe Reel - French Canadian reel MIDI Gaudeamus Igitur - German student drinking song, in Latin, with lyrics.

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