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(The two were first linked last October following her summertime split from Chris Pratt.) When asked if Anna could see herself making a date night out of watching with Michael, the actress says "Hey! "I don't know," he teased, "for some reason she looks better than me in the movie. She looks beautiful." Anna also shared an adorable update on her 5-year-old son Jack Pratt, and why she thinks he's getting to the age where he's too cool for mom! Six months ago we would do this little game where I would say, ‘I love you to the moon and back' and he would say ‘I love you to Jupiter and back' and I would say ‘I love you to Uranus and back! Munn tweeted a text exchange from earlier this month between herself and Faris Sunday, writing, "Hey there! I would never respond to random tabloid stories, but since we know each other I wanted to reach out to you personally to tell you the story about me and Chris dating has 0% truth."She continued, "I'm sure you already know it's not true, or maybe didn't care either way, but I just wanted to reach out personally to tell you it's not true."Faris seemingly responded positively, writing back, "Oh my god-this town is so f**king crazy-you are so sweet to text-I love you-having said that if you were my new sister in law I would be thrilled!

If Chris really is ready to start dating again, looks like his game is still strong ... "It’s wonderful, but you kind of feel like you’re the little things on top of a massive wedding cake." Talk about a of pressure.If Faris and Barrett are actually dating, maybe fans will give them a break, instead of putting any unfair expectations on them.While she tends to be upfront with fans — after all, it was on her own social media pages that she and Pratt announced their split — she has yet to confirm or deny these new dating rumors.However, she's about to embark on a tour for her soon-to-be-released book, premieres in 2018, or maybe they'll take it slow and be out of the spotlight.

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