Who has taylor hicks dating

A handsome hunk star Taylor Lautner never had any dearth of female fans.

He had been friendly with his female costars and showbiz ladies.

Taylor Lautner had few very famous girlfriends in the last decade.

All the women were beautiful and talented showbiz personalities.

She is remembered for her roles in movies like English Teacher, Mirror-Mirror and Abduction where she met Good-looking Hunk, Taylor Lautner.

Their relationship lasted for more than 10 months, before coming to a grinding halt in 2011. Swift a Sagittarian born on 13th December 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania has a heart of a poetess.

They shared a fabulous relationship till it lasted little less than a year.Currently, he is sharing a lovely relationship with Billie Catherine Lourd, a lovely 25 year old star of “Scream Queens’.Billie studied religion and psychology from New York University in 2014.Marie Avgeropoulos is a beautiful star of Sorority Wars.She is Canadian from Ontario, born on 17th June 1986.

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