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Our community is a paradoxical mix of left-leaning politically-correct environmentalists, tech entrepreneurs, new-agers, and yuppies.Righteous bicyclists coexist uneasily with SUVs (though Nissan Leafs (Leaves? Once known as a hippie mecca, the remaining hippies subsist on trust funds ("trustafarians"). Boulder is the home of the University of Colorado (known as CU to distinguish it from UC on the West coast), which occupies several square miles south of downtown, and Naropa University, a secular Buddhist-oriented school founded by Allen Ginsberg and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who also founded the Shambhala Center.But I'm OK letting him keep his viewpoint-- and wait for Trump to make America great again by giving him his old job back-- far away from here.

It's just under an hour's drive from Denver International Airport, known here as DIA, though its official airport code is DEN.Now it's start a tech business and become the next Mark Zuckerberg.I say this as an old curmudgeon who started a tech business when he turned sixty and had nothing better to do, heedless of what he'd be doing in his seventies. Google is building a campus for 1500 people on the corner of Pearl and 30th Streets.Fourth street abuts the mountains north of downtown.Broadway is an important north-south thoroughfare that takes the place of twelvth street north of the university.

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