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Speed Dater launched way back in 2002 and is the leader in the UK singles events market. Your badge will match a table in the room and usually the ladies stay seated while the men rotate about every 3-4 mins.

Our guests LOVE our events, we've had 1000s of positive reviews. You will have a card to mark down if you are interested in the people you meet. It’s the perfect amount of time to leave you wanting more, or if you’re not hitting it off then onto the next!

Speed Dater chooses popular and stylish bars with central locations.So, if you don’t like someone he wouldn’t have the chance to play sticky around you.Who knows – Matt, blond and 26 years old could be Harry, hairy all over his body and 59 years old.And to be honest, on most of your first dates, it takes about five minutes to find out if he/she is too weird to you. And even if you don’t find anyone you like, there is always a second part of the Speed Dating – the drinks.Most of the organisers say that is the part when everyone is relaxed, enjoy themselves and the real interaction happens.

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