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To learn more about phylogenetic trees, please visit our Phylogenetic Biology pages.

This neotropical forest genus is characterized by expanded androconial areas on the costal margin of the hindwing in adult males.

This tree diagram shows the relationships between several groups of organisms.

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For a more detailed explanation of the different To L page types, have a look at the Structure of the Tree of Life page.

Jews enjoyed undisturbed peace and prosperity in the many principalities into which the country was then divided; they formed the middle class in a country where the general population consisted of landlords developing into szlachta, the unique Polish nobility and peasants, and they were instrumental in promoting the commercial interests of the land.

Werudtaing factor for the Jews to emigrate to Poland were the Magdeburg rights, or Magdeburg Law, a charter given to the Jews, among others, that specifically outlined the rights and privileges that Jews had coming into Poland.

The first extensive Jewish emigration from Western Europe to Poland occurred at the time of the First Crusade in Known as paradisus judaeorum Qerudating for "Paradise of the Jews"it became a shelter for persecuted and expelled European Jewish communities and the home to the world's largest Jewish community of the time.

The first actual mention of Jews in Polish chronicles occurs in the 11th century.

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