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So, I just asked the lady whether it was her or the tree, she admitted she was “the tree”.I was surprised to hear it was Light Blue, as I remember it being much stronger on other people.These smell kind of similar but they have focus more on floral or woody notes, therefore not identical to Light Blue. But that's only evident on the first little and fleeting moments, then the other notes immediately emerges, a lightly sweetened apple note blends in with a soft lychee-like note.But the overall result never turns too sweet and fruity.

Kind of like something you would smell on someone's clean shirt, but not laundry-like at all.And Eclat is a lot cheaper in price but not in quality. It kind of reminds me of dalandan which is a south-east asian native citrus fruit that is more common i the Philippines I [email protected] Fiorentina by Creed Eclat D'Arpege by Lanvin Widdringtonia by The Body Shop. You really can feel or smell the texture of the fruit when you cut it open and you get the juice that extracts from the pulp and the peel.I'm thinking about Cedre Atlas though Because of its ubiquity, I’ve never really given Light Blue a fair shake.But when it showed up recently at TJMaxx, I thought, perhaps this should be part of my collection.. I needed to give this fragrance a fair test to see if I could enjoy it on my person.

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