Wasp dating

A while later Jan started to get bored with the relationship, due to the generation gap between them and all of Cap's friends being elderly, and secretly began seeing Hank again (though the relationship has been platonic so far).

She recently walked out on Steve and met up with Hank in a bar.

As a side-effect of this mutation, Janet had some insect-like behavior, such as the propensity to lay eggs and eat insects. Skilled in unarmed combat The capability of a regular woman.

Some of her abilities include: Janet earned double Ph. The capability of Janet's sting is dependent on her size.

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The first time he put her head through the bathroom door, and the second time he punched her so hard at a Christmas party that he split the roof of her mouth in two.

Betty Ross also claimed that several times Janet appeared to be missing chunks of hair. D.'s Super-Soldier Research Facility under Bruce Banner, where Janet allowed Hank to take the credit for supposedly recreating her powers by scientific means by secretly using her mutant DNA, as Pym continued to make various scientific breakthroughs based on his genetic studies of Janet.

However, Janet chose to stay with Hank and eventually married him because she believed the good times she shared with him made the bad times worth it. The Pyms were later promoted to head the research and development wing of the US government's new superhuman strike force, The Ultimates, with Banner as their deputy and Betty Ross as their communications officer.

After the fight Janet was in a state of anaphylactic shock, caused by receiving multiple ant stings at wasp size.

Captain America beat her husband into a humiliated pulp for assaulting his wife, despite the fact that Henry grew to giant size in the practically one-sided fight.

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