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If you want a To C at a particular location in your document text, create one by hand.So we strongly recommend that you leave the default as it is, i.e. Also note that if you disable the generation of the end-of-file To C the resulting MOBI file may not function correctly on a Kindle, since the Kindle’s use the metadata To C for many things, including the Page Flip feature. The first thing to realize is that most e-books have two tables of contents. DOCX files from Microsoft Word 2007 and newer are supported.

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DJVU support is only for converting DJVU files that contain embedded text. This Table of Contents is part of the main document flow and can be styled however you like. A metadata To C is a To C that is not part of the book text and is typically accessed by some special button on a reader. In the MOBI format, the situation is a little confused.

In other words, Kindle’s only display covers for books marked as Personal Documents or books bought directly from Amazon.

If you send a MOBI file to an e-ink Kindle with calibre using a USB connection, calibre works around this Amazon bug by uploading a cover thumbnail itself.

However, that workaround is only possible when using a USB connection and sending with calibre.

Note that if you send using email, Amazon will automatically mark the MOBI file as a Personal Document and the cover will work, but the book will show up in Personal Documents.

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