Validating sql privileges

If you need more information on how to write solid, secure PHP, please consult the references. Hosters, do not just switch safe_mode on and lock it down hard.

Such controls rarely work as expected, and more to the point it does not prevent any of the five major attack vectors presented in this paper.

The most widespread PHP security issue since July 2004 is remote code execution, mostly via file system calls.

The root causes of this issue are: From PHP 4.0.4 onwards, allow_url_fopen was enabled by default, making poorly written applications vulnerable through no changes of their own.

There are more than 100 such vulnerabilities reported since July 30, 2004.

These are a representative sample: php BB Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Tiki Wiki Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities XML-RPC Remote Code Execution (many vendors) Inspect your code for constructs like: OWASP calls on the PHP Project to by default disable remote file support and associated wrappers, and allow applications that require these features to selectively enable them on a per application basis.

A good tool for this is Web Scarab that tests for basic SQL injections in a relatively automated fashion.

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Stefan Esser points out that using user-supplied data for the table name (in the above example, $table_members, is for all intents and purposes unsecurable, and should not be used, as mysql_escape_realstring() or $mysqli-escape_string() and other escaping mechanisms do not expect to be dealing with data prior to the WHERE clause, only WHERE, ORDER BY, etc data enclosed by quotes.username="; $html['link'] = htmlentities($link, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'); echo "Link"; At this time, OWASP recommends all applications move to directly accessing only those variables they require from the correct user input array ($_POST, $_GET, $_COOKIE, etc) rather than rely upon the get, post, cookie (GPC) behavior of register globals or $_REQUEST.It is strongly recommended you do not use $_REQUEST.The following are representative samples: VBulletin Cross-site scripting Coppermine Display Image Cross-site scripting Word Press Edit Cross-site Scripting Developers For more details on Shiflett’s approach, please refer to the references below.As every application has different input fields, is up to every application to do this properly – there is no automatic way of doing this task.

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