Validating forms in coldfusion

From what you've described, it makes more sense to use client side validation on "form1" (cfform, jquery, etc...). Pre-validating with client side code makes for a nicer user experience. Coldfusion has built in form validation which you can use. Link to adobe help docs on sessions and passing variables inside a session: Fusion/9.0/Developing/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbec22c24-7c48The above approach is not 100% Good, because your textname and address can contain special Characters, So it is just an example of doing the same in different way and make a bit of secure.

content=Tags_i_07Use the "required" attribute to make sure there is data in the field, and then you can specify the data type using the "validate" parameter The following link shows the different data types you can use in the "validate" parameter: Fusion/9.0/Developing/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbec22c24-7230-------------------------------- You could also do the validation using javascript if you wanted on the client side prior to submitting.

In that case, you might need to submit the form via an IFrame or something for validation.

Post back here if you have anything we should check out. In the case of multi-parts, Ill just disable ajax validation for it.

@Eric, With a "Remote" access CFFunction, if you call it locally (within Cold Fusion), then it uses the standard return type (ex. If you access this remote method via AJAX, however, it will take that "struct" and, by default, convert it to WDDX to be returned in the AJAX call. You have a caller and based on the line called in different questions are asked.2.

You can provide a different default conversion if you provide the Return Format attribute in the CFFunction tag: That Return Format attribute is merely a suggestion. You have products (order) and therefore also order items.3.

You can override it in the AJAX request (as I do with my return Format AJAX property). You have credit card charges "if" there is a dollar amount.

You have the choice of using:wddx (default)plainjson Glad you liked the example :) OK.. I am curious how you handle this type of thing when you have a layerd complexity. rather questioning how it would be applied to something more complex.)(Perhaps you should create an app where you get long term serious with a date and you now need to get to know inlaws because you are visiting during a holiday and need to remember family details!

When the field loses focus (on Blur), the input is validated for only the first of the conditions in the validate parameter (it changes when I swap the order).Thanks for the informative post @Dave, Glad you like.A multi-part form (file upload) would definitely complicate things because a file cannot be uploaded via AJAX.Hal's example makes sense in the simple world but it seems like it may turn into an ANTI-Pattern for a more complex form. ) @John, At its most basic sense, we just taking the form validation that we would do procedurally and move it into a Validate() method in the form helper.So, theoretically, anything we could do with procedural validation we could do in the Validate() method.

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