Updating video card drivers xp

Click whether you want Windows 7 to automatically search for the driver software or not.If you previously downloaded the new driver, click "Browse My Computer For Driver Software" and locate the correct file to install.

updating video card drivers xp-18

Anyway, our recommendation is to run Autotrax inside DOSBox 0.74, there are DOSBox ports to many, many operating systems, and it just works, saving your time.

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To run autotrax directly (natively) on a system (eg DOS, NT, WIN XP, WIN98) first check that the video card runs VESA BIOS - most name brand video cards do this - although it may be necessary to get updated VESA DRIVERS from the video card manufacturers website.

A quick check using the LFB test tool (see image, right) will yield a list of resolutions and VESA modes available on the system.

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