Updating statistics sql server

So, if you know for sure the exact update that does this, please comment.

On the surface at least, the server looks OK: It synchronizes with upstream Microsoft servers, displays newly-published updates, approves and declines as been told, and downloads approved updates flawlessly.

In this case post installation of SQL Server 2016 SP1, it is recommended to uninstall the ODBC Driver installed by SQL Server 2016 SP1 and install ODBC Driver 13.1.Verify that the update still exists and is applicable to this computer from your WSUS server or Windows Update.To give your server a chance at receiving updates—including Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 Dynamic Installer for Server Manager [x64 Edition] (KB972493)—through Microsoft’s website, temporarily disable intranet Microsoft update service location: Edit the Default Domain Policy in Group Policy Management, open , pick a single product with fewest updates possible (e.g., Silverlight).The issue and error below is applicable only to SQL Server 2016 branches patched with Security Update, CU3 or SP1 and doesn’t apply to lower versions of SQL Server.“This business rule contains corrupted rule item(s), as corresponding SQL Script has been changed” “The sequence must be greater than zero” The fix for this issue is included in the following updates: ODBC Driver 13.1 With the default installation of SQL Server 2016, ODBC Driver 13.0 is installed on the server which is used by SQL Agent and SSMS (installed on server) to connect to the SQL Server instance.

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