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Again, I am not sure (I always just use the current version which now is V2015). It is old and Intuit won't help because it is out of support.

With respect to network diagnostics - no, you do not need to run these if it is 1 user on a local machine. Uninstall QB completely, restart and install QB again. Per my earlier suggestion, try installing on a Windows 7 machine and see if it updates.

Press "ALT-F4" and close any running applications in Windows 8. Select the "More Than One User" option and "Install Database Server Only." Follow the prompts that guide you through the installation.

Select the option to allow access for other computers to open files on this computer. Click the "Add Folder" button and select the location where your company file is stored, or select the option to scan all folders if you are unsure.

Database The issue that caused the 'Verify’ to fail after deleting the class selected on a record has been fixed.

Others Updating your Quickbooks will also result in updating from MSXML 4 to MSXML 6 (Microsoft Programming Tools) which is needed for addressing the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standard.

I am needing to install the latest update (R16) for quickbooks pro 2012 but when attempting to install the update I get the error "There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package." I don't believe this because I still have 304 GB of space left on Drive C.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated Go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, find Quick Books in the list, click on it, and run Repair. Make sure your firewall is not blocking the update.

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Situation 1 – The Error Occurred Updating Quick Books Itself Check your Internet Connection Setup in Quick Books from the Help- and try to perform the update again.This is a major issue which users will have to face.The reason being, to be compliant with the PCI standards you have to remove MSXML 4 after updating to MSXML 6.When complete, restart the computer and try updating again. Go to the Intuit web site and search for Network Diagnostics.Download the Network Diagnostics tool, install and run it. Concerning your mention of subscription I purchased quikbooks 2012 in September of 2012 and to my knowledge it was not a subscription.

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