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As he notes, the bypass technique some vendors are using is similar to the way rootkits work, which involves injecting their product into a Windows hypervisor to intercept system calls to memory locations that Microsoft changed in response to the Meltdown attack."Because some antivirus vendors are using very questionable techniques they end up [causing] systems to blue screen of death -- aka get into reboot loops.For example, recent updates to Word Press have been improved with the addition of contextual searches, user theme management, and even the ability to manage multiple sites from one control panel.And updates to look forward to include improved stability and even My SQL functionality!Microsoft won't let you install future security updates until your antivirus vendor sets a specific registry key that certifies compatibility with Windows.

And how it affects usability, security and compatibility with other software.Beaumont argues Microsoft should set a date for when it will no longer require the compatibility registry key or risk a large number of machines going without patches.On the flip side, the vast majority of consumer PCs would not be using next-gen security products.Update, January 11: Crowd Strike confirms that it has now set the registry key.Update, January 19: Palo Alto Networks says it is "actively working on an update that will automatically set this registry key, which will be released in the coming weeks".

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