Updating msys

Exe,after that i select custom from the dropdown box,and then, l selected g compiler,g77 compiler and Min GW Make only. It isn't their right to tell you how you must deploy your hardware.The canonically correct place to install Min GW is C:\Min GW, but you may move it anywhere else that you prefer, subject to the caveat that you must avoid path names with embedded spaces.The org page suggests current stable release is 4.4 while the Min GW installer installs 3.4.

(You do need the "dev" package for pthreads, since link commands that use -pthread need to link against this library.) Likewise, the binutils package provides a "dev" package that includes libraries, such as libiberty.a and libbfd.a, and the corresponding headers; you may wish to install those if you want to develop programs that are linked against those libraries.

What follows below are instructions for a very "manual" download, typically only attempted by more experienced users.

Before you start this manual installation, read the release notes (at the bottom of the page).

The resulting C:\Min GW subtree is fully relocatable which means that you can have multiple installations or versions of the Min GW suite.

You can potentially have installations such as: The above are the minimum requirements for a working C Language compiler using the Min GW GCC toolchain.

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