Updating jeppfd

There seems to be no way of navigating away from the update page. The i Pad needs to be second generation or newer, updated with the latest IOS operating system to run the latest Jepp FD properly.

Pithblot With 2.6.0 they changed parts of the GUI and that makes this thing sloooow.

I mean for the program installation, not the key for the update.

Hello, It's the first time I install "Jepp View For Windows", could please send me the serial number?

Designed specifically for individuals and enthusiasts, our world-class charts combined with Garmins proven technology represent the latest mobile charting revolution for pilots like you.

Plus, existing customers can now use their current chart subscription on Garmin Pilot.

With our apps, you will be able to experience a new level of confidence, convenience, safety and simplicity from a single, intuitive interface.By definition, co-creation, the act of involving customers and/or stakeholders in the innovation, marketing or value creation processes, which has become increasingly popular within both private an public organizations.There are few software engineering problems more challenging than creating mission-critical applications for users in a high-workload airline cockpit, especially for use during taxi, takeoff, and landing.In this page you can download the Jeppview Update Cycle data for your PC and will be updated for ENROUTE and AIPORT CHARTS.Select your desired Activation (Coverage) Codes, then your area charts/info will be activated on your Jeppview software.

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