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I paid for the hardware, I'm paying for the electricity (to process just the block rules, lol). To use anything other than LTSB is, I don't know, just plain crazy.

x D^^ Yes, it's a conflicting idea, but what are you gonna do.

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Yes all none of your agile, fail fast , fast rings, slow rings blah blah blah , etc etc BS you spout.I am running the LTSB because I cannot risk unexpected changes, and, I alone, with doing everything from policy planning to break/fix, do not have the time to test something more than once.It is simply stupid, to spend the time to GPO out all the junk, when they offer a stripped clean version already.Planned obsolescence is now naturally occurring, because of our "progress". :)Edit: Oh and they have the 100 releases, as to split up the use - it's not going to be 100,000,000 computers still using Windows XP (and 300,000,000) still using Windows 2000 - when their new OS comes out.People who will NOT upgrade, so they will have to extend support. M$ must think that IT departments have an extra dozen people around to test continuously test their stuff every 6 months and re-deploy to 10,000 pc's so Cortana can keep tabs on your fantasy football league.

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