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A search of the web will yield many pro’s and cons. Unlike hardwood floors that can be cold on bare feet cork is wonderfully warm. It has enough cushion that it’s like wearing cushiony sole shoes even when barefoot. While pricing used to be a concern with cork floors it isn’t any longer.

You will see stories of people having horrible results with floating floors in kitchens and bathrooms and other stories of people who’ve had them for years with no issues at all. This is great in a kitchen if you spend a lot of time there. Cork has really come down in price the last few years and is comparable to hardwood or bamboo in terms of price.

I’d recommend using the square sanders that take the big pads.

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I’m thinking a light sanding to rough up the top coat and then a few thin coats of a water based poly should work just fine.

It’s been over a year since we put or cork floors in. You wouldn’t notice it at all even if you are standing right at the faded area. The warmth of the cork really works in our family room.

This post has been getting quite a lot of traffic so I wanted to update readers on how they have held up. We have a floating cork floor that encompass or living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallway. There really isn’t any signs of wear anywhere on the floor. I tended to baby the floor when we first put it in because I was worried about how it would hold up. The only thing I can see that might be a negative for some is that there is some fading near the our sliding glass door. It just blends right into the darker area smoothly. It’s our favorite place in the house in part because of the floors.

Top There are a few different types of finish available on the market.

Most seem to fall into one of two broad categories.

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