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Pharrell really got lucky — long live the world’s coolest couple.

Believe it or not, being a singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and film producer is just part of what this star does.

It's as though the scene means less to some people here if they can't imagine the actors were completely hot for each other, because they are simply unable to differentiate between the actor and character. The scene is hot, erotic, gorgeous and sensual, wtf does it matter if the actors were genuinely turned on or not?

I would imagine the truth is somewhere in the middle, because it usually is, so what then?

' But in the scenes where they were just kissing maybe it was easier to relax and portray passion?

It looked good, which is really all that matters, isn't it?

I totally agree with what has been said before that the "truth" on this is most likely somewhere in the middle.

I watched an THR Funny Actresses Roundtable a while ago in which Ellie Kemper and Lena Dunham talked about the nature and filming of love/sex scenes.

In the following video, we discuss how the file was discovered and take a look at the data contained in the file.As if costars of a star is not a part of his or her carrer....I can imagine her (or him) married with Cate and Cate being the adorable flirt she is...Is the scene itself not good enough if there isn't the complete assumption that they were getting each other off or something?We will never, ever know the truth because that's Cate and Rooney's business at the end of the day and the only part which is ours is what actually exists on the screen so what is the point in going round and round about it?

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