Tweet and missy dating

It’s always gonna be less recognition for female MCs because it is a male dominated industry.

I work as hard as the male artist do, if not more, so I just stay focused on that and continue to keep grinding. Missy was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women in the VIP — as she always is. Missy has turned out more groupies than Da Brat — who by the way was given a weekend pass by her prison warden so she could visit the set of her play-play sister, Lisa Raye’s new movie, over the weekend (I’ll have a pic in a minute).

What's your relationship with Twitter and social media?

I'm using Twitter to promote and let my fans know what I’m doing on a daily basis and things like that. The only thing that I can say it took away from the industry is the street footwork of the artist. Beyoncé's the biggest entertainer right now and she's a woman.

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American shock jock WENDY WILLIAMS linked the hip-hop star to Pigford - who won the third series of TYRA BANKS' hit reality TV show - earlier this month (MAR05).She is recently known to have been married to her longtime girlfriend after being lost forms the music industry recently.She is doing pretty well with her wife now and the couple seems to be getting along pretty well. In 2011 Missy told that she took a break from her career as she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.The group recruited Timothy Mosley a.k.a Timbaland as their producer who was Missy's neighbor.The group caught the attention of De Vante Swing, a member of Jodeci and moved to NY and signed a deal with Elektra Records.

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