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Free radicals can however be transformed by free-radical scavengers (otherwise known as anti-oxidants).Particular anti-oxidants will bind to particular free radicals and help to stabilize them.For example, DNA is easily oxidized and this damage can be accumulated from diet, lifestyle, toxins, pollution, radiation and other outside influences.Thus, we each have the ability to accelerate DNA damage or slow it down.Accordingly, as we age the secretion of many hormones declines and their effectiveness (compared unit to unit) is also reduced due to the receptors down-grading. Dean recommends receptor resensitizers such as the drug Metformin (which improves insulin sensitivity) and the eugeroic drug Modafinil (which improves noradrenaline sensitivity).One theory for the hypothalamus loss of regulation is that it is damaged by the hormone (located on the kidneys) and cortisol is considered to be a dark-hormone responsible for stress.It is our belief that some of these theories of aging may be a result of other theories.Many of them are interlinked, in the same complex way the biological processes of the body and the many factors affecting it are linked.

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If cortisol damages the hypothalamus, then over time it becomes a vicious cycle of continued hypothalamic damage, leading to an ever increasing degree of cortisol production and thus more hypothalamic damage. This damage could then lead to hormonal imbalance as the hypothalamus loses its ability to control the system.However, there is also natural production of free-radicals within the body.This is the result of the production of energy, particularly from the mitochondria (see the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging).Each time a cell divides it duplicates itself a little worse than the time before, thus this eventually leads to cellular dysfunction, aging and indeed death. D., of (one of the few genealogists looking for the genes involved with aging), indicates that telomeres can be repaired by the introduction of the relevant hormone.In other words telomeres and their subsequent processes affect each other.

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