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Improve Your Social – A comprehensive guide to social skills. Sociable – Use your introverted and extroverted traits together. Social Pro – Find out exactly how to get the friends you want.

People Skills – Develop your conversation style around your natural strengths. The Dating – Become confident, and expand your social circle.

The thing that prompted me to write this entry was just a few minutes ago.I was getting ready to take a shower, and I like to do silly (and childlike) things like singing and dancing in the mirror.My dad must have heard the sound of my feet from downstairs, so when I got in the shower, my dad came in the bathroom (I have a non-see through curtain in the shower so you can be in there while someone's showering) and asked, "What is it that you're doing with your feet?When I was younger, I tried to watch Sonic because it seemed cool.My brother made fun of me for it, and I never went back to watching it.

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