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I am constantly tempted by both fashion and decor items I encounter in this shade, such as Christopher Spitzmiller‘s handsome Alexander lamp I spied in his showroom.But did you know that Prussian blue was the link between art and science that truly transformed the world of paint?As I was scrolling through Instagram the other morning, I stopped to “like” and admire a post on Charlotte Di Carcaci’s artful feed.The gorgeous saturated color in the detail of this portrait (of Maria de los Dolores Collado and Echague by Vicente Palmaroli, 1870, that hangs in the Prado) reminded me how much I love Prussian blue.

It was an accident in a Berlin laboratory (then a center for alchemy) in 1704 that changed the course of art forever."You would need other records" to understand why the Taíno chose to include certain ingredients, Houston said."You would need to know local beliefs and practices with respect to that plant.But according to this new research, specific plants and other organic materials were brought into the caves of Mona Island specifically to make new paints.In fact, people must have returned to the caves to add new artwork over the course of the 13 centuries, according to the study.

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