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If Barrett puts the numbers aside and looks at people, what does she see?

When I was talking to two young ladies [at East High] yesterday, they don't know who I am.

Both schools will also have interim principals overseeing day to day operations.

"I'm over at the school [East High] almost every day and I look at the kids and that's what it's about, it's about children.

They don't even know why I was in the building but we had a very good conversation.

Those experiences are what make me forget about the data and just see the children as children...

) That's up about a half point from the previous year.

I can have all the ideas in the world, but there is some work that has to be done but I don't think it belongs to us as educators alone." East High has not been isolated and alone in its efforts in recent years.

For almost a decade and a half the Peer Power Foundation, originally known as The Greater East High Foundation, has held after school tutoring sessions and other academic enrichment opportunities for students without cost to them.

Barrett says she has a four pronged plan to reach out beyond the school, a plan she said she would reveal at a later date. I think the work that needs to be done is work that has to occur outside the four walls.

"The plight of East High is larger than what is in those four walls. I have sort of, and I'll discuss it later, a plan to look at what those scaffolding things should look like, you know, within the community because we can't do it by ourselves.

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