Technology speed dating

Our students embrace new technology and enjoy the learning that uses technology. D., Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences A big part of learning is remembering, and our students are often faced with large amounts of material that they need to remember.Social media allows faculty to share information and timely feedback with students to help them enhance their critical thinking skills and perspectives. Psychological research shows that students are poor at designing their own study plans.Using the flashcards can also increase the amount that students remember and the efficiency with which they commit information to memory.In other words, this user-friendly, self-paced technology allows students to remember more and do it faster.The modules have been developed by several members of i COPE's interdisciplinary faculty and use video, web links, and self-evaluation testing.Soft Chalk's applications provide an interactive format and allow students to self-test themselves on content.Students can access the modules on Blackboard at their convenience. D., Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences Social media is the communication mode of the future, and healthcare professionals must find new ways of meeting patients where they are.This curriculum needs to be portable and Soft Chalk enables these didactic modules to be used by other programs. Doctors can provide encouragement and support to patients, and patients can provide updates on their progress.

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Participants must complete the education module, post-test and course evaluation to receive contact hours.The HSC-Delphi Faculty Development Partnership sponsored an opportunity for faculty to share the unique ways that technology can be used in teaching in the Health Sciences.This new summer program served as a direct follow up to “What’s Holding You Back?This program has been approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing for 2.4 Contact Hours through the University of Louisville Hospital.Provider Number 4-0068-7-16-715, expiration date July 1, 2016.

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