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However, identifying target fractions for radiocarbon dating of lake sediments remains problematic because reworked organic material from fluvial catchments can produce anomalously old radiocarbon ages.

This study determines the extent to which reworked material from catchment soils impacts radiocarbon dates on pollen and other organic concentrates by comparing radiocarbon dates produced by these techniques against a chronostratigraphic marker in cores from Lake Mapourika, New Zealand.

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We measure the influence of general acquisition experience of the acquirer, pre-acquisition alliance experience with the target, and sector familiarity of the target on the post-acquisition patent rate of the acquirer.

The results of our event history analysis of the complete U. biotech population for 1973–2000 indicate that general acquisition experience and target familiarity increase the post-acquisition patenting speed.

Every company needs to consider a policy on workplace dating.If you have an account on a dating site, be aware of suspicious emails that come your way, and never click on a link if you're unsure of the sender; enter the URL manually instead.Also be wary if someone on a dating site asks for money before you've met.However, dating sites provide phishers with a unique opportunity to prey on the emotionally vulnerable.By impersonating a potential partner, building up a relationship online and then claiming to be in financial distress, a cunning phisher could scam a well-meaning but gullible user out of thousands of dollars.

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    Within a year of their marriage, they got separated in September, 2005.