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“They were just honest people who lived within their means.” Wang said the loss of his parents has been difficult for him and his sister, but especially for his 4-year-old daughter, who used to video chat regularly with grandma and has cried at night for her grandparents.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim Mc Donnell and County Supervisor Janice Hahn announced a ,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case — ,000 from the county Board of Supervisors announced in February and another ,000 from the city of Diamond Bar.

Following up on the total population table above and again using data from the U. Census Bureau Fact Finder, the following table shows the growth rates of various Asian American ethnic groups from 1980-19-2000, along with the proportion of each Asian group to the total Asian American population in 2000.

In terms of growth among the six major Asian American ethnic groups, the Vietnamese were the fastest growing from 1980 to 1990.

Los Angeles is the home to the largest population of Taiwanese Americans in the States.

The varieties of Taiwanese restaurants are endless; there are places that specialize in stinky tofu and there are places that are known just for their desserts.

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We like to pair it with a side of their simply stir-fried "A" choy (a Taiwanese lettuce). Pine and Crane Finally -- a solid Taiwanese establishment outside of the San Gabriel Valley.Pine and Crane is owned by a family that has an Asian vegetable farm.Their menu rotates based on season, but they have pea shoots all year round.Large chunks of lobster are cut up and tossed with a fruit salad and a heap of kewpie mayonnaise. Happy Garden Happy Garden specializes in food from the Hakka, a nomad Chinese subculture that is thought to have originated in southern China. While they're known for their stinky tofu, many people come for the fatty pork over rice.There's a sizable Hakka population in Taiwan and their food is heavy on preserved vegetables and offal. The dish is made with braised pork belly, cut into cubes and braised for hours until it's soft.

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