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Mom almost didn't agree to it but Dad was so grateful to have found Oscar that he would do about anything for Tommy, so he kept Mom quiet.

When I called her last night to tell her you had proposed, I also told her that Tommy and Jessica had finally revealed those results and the true reason they hesitated to tell their parents was they were in a relationship themselves and had also gotten engaged.

Does she know you were involved with Tommy, because of using her apartment for sex? I can bring someone over while she's gone and she doesn't tell Mom or ask questions, so long as I leave the apartment the way I found it.

The DNA testing got done because of the swinging, not the incest, so that remains the same.

We have a legitimate concern about people having negative reactions to us essentially being step-siblings, so we can exaggerate that.

I turned to my parents and said, "I'll toss the first set of my dirty sheets down the stairs. She was laying on her side, one knee raised, caressing her labia in a lazy motion I thought of as 'petting her kitty'. You were right, we haven't made the time for each other that we would have expected from this break.

I tore off the shorts and tshirt I had put on before breakfast and climbed into my bed, getting into a sideways 69 position. " Angie asked, before I got a chance to start licking her. I'm grateful that you're not especially possessive of me but you're the one person who is entitled to say 'You're mine,' or, "Me first." Especially now that we're engaged." Angie took hold of my cock, now half-full, and said, "Before you share this with other women tonight, I get to say, 'This is mine,' too." She punctuated the sentence by slipping her lips over the head of my cock and sucking hard.

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