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When I was growing up my mom and dad taught me that with communication, respect, and trust you have the foundation for a great relationship.

Over time I’ve learned how to use these principles to solve the problems that often impede interpersonal relationships.

Now, for the first time, master matchmaker Steve Ward and his mother, Jo Ann, share all of their straightforward, no-nonsense dating and relationship lessons in this handy guide to love.

Just as they dish out their tough love on the show, the authors explain how to flirt with a purpose, set up a date, turn a spark into a lasting connection, manage relationship fears, bounce back from rejection, and much more. Right or want to keep him around now that you've snagged him, the innovative (and brutally honest) advice will help you break bad habits, take a fresh approach to dating, and transform your love life.

We’d meet our would-be clients over a cup of coffee, a cocktail, or a bite to eat and conduct fun yet intense interviews to get to know them as much as possible.

We’d come up with potential matches for the people we wanted to work with, taking careful note of everything we discussed.

You can have the love you want..first you have to do your homework.

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She sensed my confidence and enthusiasm and felt comfortable enough to trust me with her love life and hire me as her matchmaker. The person I had in mind for her didn’t want to meet her at first, but I was relentless, and after I talked to him man-to-man and assured him he would not be disappointed, he decided to give it a shot and meet her.By that point Internet dating had evolved from the obscurity of private chat rooms into the mainstream with commercial international dating websites.People started expecting algorithms and computer science to find them a match from among millions of photos and profiles.Then, one day in the office that summer after college, I received a phone call from a prospective client.After I explained to her how the service worked and attempted to schedule an interview for her with Mom, she asked if would consider being her matchmaker.

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