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Many of the women in your book had rich lives outside their work in technology, and you’re the same way. We have to remember that people with well-rounded lives often have a great deal to contribute because they’re thinking about the larger systems of which they are a part.One of the people in the book, Radia Perlman, she’s put this in my head, that we have this fantasy about engineers being people that took apart radios when they were a kid, and are obsessive about details and only think about the code.

But as an adult, she became disappointed to find the story of Silicon Valley thoroughly dominated by male characters.

I really believe that it’s much easier to see yourself in the future of something when you can see yourself in the past and you’re rooted in it.

Was it hard to write a book about women in tech that focuses on the past when there’s so much happening in the present?

The couple made headlines in 2016 when they faked a sex tape leak for a video that never really existed.

Evans called it a “failed experiment” at commenting on celebrity online culture.

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