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Medals will be awarded to the top three individuals in each finals race distance per age division. A false start is defined as movement before the official “go” of the race.First false start has skater starting 4 feet behind the line.Year to date, 61.2 percent of rooms were occupied, compared with 57.2 percent of rooms year-to-date in 2015.

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Skaters may choose to wear appropriate clothing that allows for a full range of motion.

She says she creates a space where "intentional dating" can take place, with an aim towards marriage, not just "falling into the big dating pool in Denver," she said.

Lakewood's historic Casa Bonita restaurant was the site of Basquez's most recent Catholic speed-dating event, Sunday.

“ The uptick in room occupancy might also stem from the increased flights at the Colorado Springs Airport by Frontier’s flights to Las Vegas.

Beginning June 29, Frontier will begin daily service to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. “And the forecast for the summer is stronger than last year.

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