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Unfortunately, the Word Press 4.9.3 update introduced an updating bug: after auto-updating to 4.9.3, Word Press will no longer update automatically.

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Today I'm seeing the same thing on a different computer in a different building.

And for more than four years, updating Word Press has been pretty easy – you haven’t had to type a single word or press a single button.

As Naked Security’s Mark Stockley wrote, back in October 2013 when Word Press 3.7 came out: We’ve all become quite used to the idea of the software on our desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones silently patching itself in the background and it’s good to see popular web software catching up – it’s long overdue.

Internet is fine and Sophos itself appears to be functioning normally.

It would help if I had some confirmation that anyone else was seeing the same problem - indicated by a red "x" across the Sophos AV shield icon in the status bar.

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