Women in my town flaunted the color of their husbands. Initially, I was flattered that a white man had fallen in love with me and wanted to marry me.

The lighter husbands were always getting a nod of approval, and the darker ones received nothing but contempt. Secretly, I always fantasized about having children from a mixed marriage, imagining they would possess exotic and dazzling beauty.

An astute American comedian once said that he was into online dating.

Sadly, there is this perception that there is always someone else out there better than your mate. Aside from working full time, my wife was attending university.

Several months later, I started dipping my toe back into the dating pool. Although I wanted her to succeed in her pursuit of education, her hectic schedule was taking a toll on our marriage.

The names and locations of the individuals have been changed to ensure their privacy.

________ Online Courtship I know a lot about online dating because I have married two Somali ladies through that medium. The first marriage lasted three months and the other two years, two months, and 17 days.

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