Sierra blake versaemerge dating

While the other members were not too sure about Kusterbeck, Harnage convinced them she was right for the job and she soon joined the band in 2007.Little did they know that Kusterbeck lied about her age saying she was 18 years old, when she was really 16, so she could get an audition.

They then parted with rhythm guitarist James Lano, who was then replaced by Jerry Pierce. They began to write their self-titled EP, recording with producer James Paul Wisner. Rumors stirred of music videos for in Pursuing Design and The Authors, two songs on the EP.They returned to the United States and almost immediately left for Bamboozle in New Jersey.When they returned to their homes in Florida, they began writing for their LP for a few months before leaving for Warped Tour '09.He cleared up that he remains friends with the other members, however he "just can't keep touring as much as [Versa Emerge] does." Jerry played his last show with the band on November 28, 2009.At the SXSW Purevolume house, Versa Emerge played four new songs; "Fixed at Zero," "Mind Reader," "Figure it Out", and "You'll Never Know", all from the upcoming album.

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