Shipment consoildating software

Shipment Planner enables its users to take full advantage of every opportunity in the complex shipping process, making it efficient, manageable, sustainable and predictable.Adrian Gonzalez with Talking Logistics interviews BASF supply chain executives William Wehrle and David Bazzetta on the company’s use of real-time freight visibility technology to track shipments and drive supply chain excellence.Shipment Planner will honor other business rules and constraints, such as sequencing, priority, grouping, compatibility, stackability, orientations and many others.

Negative (cold) colored as blue, positive (warm) colored as red, zero (neutral) is colored as green.

A numeric index is used to define the relative priority of a time window.

Zero value of the index indicates "ideal" shipping time.

For example: assume that for a given shipment the "ideal" shipping date is "2014-02-15".

Delaying this shipment by one day is acceptable, advancing the shipment by one day is less preferred, and as a last resort we can delay the shipment by two days.

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