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That hasn’t stopped big pharma from entering the fray.

In the case of women’s libido, the industry has spent years in hot pursuit of the condition and its chemical cure, a female analog to the blockbuster drug Viagra.

As a result, it’s possible to interpret ‘the presence of fluctuating levels of sexual desire as indications of a medical problem, rather than natural fluctuation over time’.

Once assumed to be an organic feature of women, low desire is increasingly seen as a major impediment to quality of life, and one deserving of medical attention.

Moreover, researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy in 2010 found ‘a higher percentage of women with low sexual desire feel frustrated, concerned, unhappy, disappointed, hopeless, troubled, ashamed, and bitter, compared with women with normal desire’.

Hilton hoped her spectacular figure and the pedigree of being in a Brooks film would jump-start her career, but it never happened.

She gravitated into the porn industry before retiring in 1977 and dropping out of sight. In 1974, she was voted the prestigious "Hottest Body Ever" award from Boobtacular Digest!

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