Sex dating club org

This is not at all like last week’s letter about the coworker who had sex in a private hotel room after work hours.

You don’t need to be able to point to a specific rule in order to be able to say a particular behavior isn’t acceptable.

The door had been locked the entire day and this was around noon, and the manager I have the key to the door in case someone forgot to unlock it when they left.

I walked in, and there were two of my employees on the couch in the copier room having sex. This was last week and as you can imagine things are very awkward between the three of us.

You also probably need to take a look at who’s on your team, whether they belong there, and what kind of culture is in place that has allowed them to think this is (a) reasonable and (b) something that you wouldn’t notice.

It is absolutely true that when you have a team of 10 people who are all in their first professional job, weird pack behavior can develop.

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