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So having a great big nice house like that with carpet on the floor and about ,000 worth of furniture—that stuff didn’t mean anything to me if I didn’t have my freedom to talk to people. I go to see a shut-in lady who’s got dementia, I try to go see her once a week. I like to go see some movies, but I don’t have nobody to go to the movies with because most of my friends are Pentecostal folks, and they don’t believe in going to the movies. When I come out of there, all the people started saying, “Oh you look like that lady in the movie! I had my daughter get those men’s names, two white guys that wrote it. I like Billy Graham, I’ve been watching him off and on for years. He wouldn’t even be on an elevator with a woman by himself. So when I got to Ohio that’s the first thing I did: I registered to vote. My husband wouldn’t sign the papers [to get birth control]—back then, the husband had to sign the paper for you. I try to have my house in order, both spiritually and mentally. I’m not gonna say there’s no 82-year-old people who get down on their knees, but the ones I know, if they get down there, they have to get a bulldozer to come get ’em back up. And if they don’t like that dress, they can buy me another one.And I wrote them and told them I had a story to tell them if they wanted to make a movie. I’m an activist to a certain extent about certain things. And that’s the first thing I did when I got to Arizona. And I pack in my purse, every day, I’ve got my voting card, I’ve got my library card, and I’ve got my insurance card. And I had five other children and a mother and a mother-in-law. When I hear one singing and I don’t pick up the song right away and know what it is, I run here and get the bird book. At one time I was going to be buried in a nightgown, but my kids said they were going to be embarrassed. I have a friend who will be 90 years old this year. She lives in Orlando, Florida, and every time I talk to her she says she’d like to see me one more time before she leaves Planet Earth. But I’d still like to spend one more Fourth of July in Alabama.But Christina, I’m a very peculiar person about things like that.I think sometimes when you’re raised in a broken home and all, you don’t have the love I hear people talk about.His next, which makes up the bulk of the film, involves an underage trafficking ring that eventually leads him to a conspiracy involving a state senator, crooked cops and federal agents, and the governor of New York.Sex trafficking, political corruption, childhood trauma, suicidal fantasy, and the frequent application of ball-peen justice— feels remote and somnambulant—a bad dream viewers know will end after 90 minutes, never to disquiet them again.Joe is a combat veteran who now makes ends meet by rescuing girls from sex traffickers and doling out violent retribution. Joe is a hired hammer, and not the kind who does cabinetry.

And my mother was scared, too, ’cause you could take a gun and run my mother from here to Tucson. I used to pick 300 pounds of cotton a day on the plantation [in Autauga County, Alabama,] five days and then till noon on Saturday. Nowadays they’d give me medication, but those days, they’d just work you.

But if I’d have known then what I know now, I’d have fought through and gotten me a college education and been somebody, out there fighting like Angela, like some of these other “crazy black folks,” they called us. Well, I worked two jobs and sent my kids to school. If I was walking along the road, Christina—if a newspaper done blown off a truck or something like that, since we didn’t have any reading material or nothing but the Bible, I’d pick up that newspaper and fold that up and put it in my bosom and try to read it when I got home. They look like them little Mc Nuggets you get at the Mc Donalds.

First: How many of the rolls of duct tape sold in hardware stores each year are purchased for the express purpose of binding and/or gagging people so that violence may be inflicted upon them?

And I saw all these white men, and they had on uniforms, and they had long rifles. We lived close to the county road, and I was outside playing.

I ran in the house and told my mom, and the people got out of their cars and they came to the door. ” The sheriff was looking for John William, he had killed a man on the plantation.

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